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Before you install the DVR card read these notes:
The manufacturer does not specify AMD in the system requirements and neither do we. However some people have managed to get this to work on computers with AMD processors. If you put our DVR cards in an AMD computer then please do not call for support. You must have a computer that meets the listed system requirements to receive support.

See the bottom of this page for more information.

Step by Step Instructions on making your computers local area network IP address stay the same.
This is necessary if your going to remote access your DVR.
Do this first before reading other instructions.
(More Information)

If you are having trouble remotely accessing your WEBNETEYE Surveillance System Go Here.

Remote Access

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SpyShop2000 does not provide router support.
If we do there will be a charge.
However, we have provided enough information to get most people through it. If you still need help Call 214-350-6121

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CA-801 Installation Directions The video comes on for a few seconds then fade to blue. Why?
How do I access my cameras over the internet? I don't get any video at all after installing the software? Why?
Camera Setup In the Software How to export video from WEBNETEYE to a universal format
e-Mail & Dial out information

Purchase A Replacement CD KEY
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Purchase A Replacement WEBNETEYE CD & CD Key

Purchase A Replacement WEBNETEYE User Manual

Step One: There is a BLUE sticker on the DVR card. It will read:
(CA-801 A) or (CA-801 B) or (CA-801 C) or (CA-801 D)

Write down this number because you will need it during the software installation.

If you don't enter the right card ID during the software installation then it's not going to work.

(Click here for more details on where you will need this information during the software installation.)
Step Two: Don't let windows automatically install drivers! Instead direct the New Hardware Found Wizard to the CD ROM manually. Direct it to X:\CA801\Drivers where X is your CD ROM.
As a general rule it's best to install the DVR cards one at a time and with tested working cameras connected to the DVR card. It's also a good idea to have all four cameras connected to the card so there is no confusion about what port the camera is plugged into. 

When you install the first card make sure that you take note of the letter of the card that your installing. The card's letter in on a blue sticker on top of the biggest chip on the DVR card. It will be A B C ot D.

It doesn't matter which card you install first. You can start with the CA-801-D and later install a CA-801A B or C. You do not have to install the CA-801-A first. 

What does matter is that you select the right card letter when your setting up the cameras in the software. This is where most people make their first mistake. If you get it wrong in the software you will get black screens where the video should be. 

While this isn't the only situation that will give you black screens it is the most common problem.
You defiantly cannot install two cards that have the same letter in the same computer. 

Please note that phone support is only for customers of SpyShop2000.com. If we can't find your name in our database we will not support you, so have your invoice handy before calling. If you didn't buy your DVR card's from us and you can't get the support form these pages or the company that you bought your product from and you would like us to help you please have your Visa or Master Card in hand before calling. 




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