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JPEG2000 DVR Support
For advanced support on the JPEG 2000 DVR click (here)
Note: The DDNS server for the JPEG2000 DVR systems is located at www.j2kip.com
1. PDF FILE - JPEG2000 4 channel User Manual
2. PDF FILE - JPEG2000 8 channel User Manual
3. PDF FILE - JPEG2000 16 channel User Manual
4. VGA Card Installation Instructions.

Firmware Files

For DVR's with NO Audio, NO USB Support

4 Channel 1.56          8 Channel 1.56          16 Channel 1.56     Added 11/2006

4 Channel 1.50          8 Channel 1.50          16 Channel 1.50     

4 Channel 1.47          8 Channel 1.47          16 Channel 1.47     

For DVR's WITH Audio, NO USB Support

4 Channel X.XX          8 Channel X.XX          16 Channel X.XX      

For DVR's WITH Audio and WITH USB - 2007 Models

4 Channel X.XX          8 Channel X.XX          16 Channel X.XX      Added 11/2006

Firmware update Instructions

6. Remote Client Software - FILE DOWNLOAD
7. Player - Plays files backed up through the Web Client Interface - File
8. PDF FILE - How to use the FREE DDNS service.
9.   Power Point - JPEG2000 Web Client Trouble Shooter
10. PDF FILE - JPEG2000 Web Client Instructions
11. PDF FILE - JPEG2000 Web Client Instruction
12. PDF FILE - JPEG2000 Web Client "How to setup web client"

Unknown Publisher Error when installing Web Based Remote Client


DVR Operating System? The JPEG2000 uses RTOS - Learn more here.

15. Recommended Hard Drives are Maxtor and Hitachi. All 7200 RPM ATA/IDE
Here is a list of other brands and their models numbers that are know to work.
If your model is not on this list then do NOT use these brands.
These models are only supported if your DVR has firmware 1.47
(Port Forwarding)  
WESTERN : Model number SEAGATE : Model number
160GB:  WD1600JD-00GVC0
200GB:  WD2000BB-22KEA0
250GB:  WD2500JB-00GVC0
300GB:  WD3000JB-00KFA0
160GB:  ST3160812A
200GB:  ST3200822A
250GB:  ST3250824A
300GB:  ST3300622A
500GB:  ST3500641A



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