Question: What's the difference between CCD cameras and CMOS Cameras
Note: The camera styles shown below are just for demonstration purposes. It doesn't matter what the cameras look like. For example the manufacturer of the camera shown below sells this camera both in a CCD model and a CMOS model. From the outside you can't tell the difference but when you look at the image that they produce that's where you see the big difference.. The camera on the Left has a CCD and the one on the Right has a CMOS image sensor.

Camera with a CCD Image Sensor

Camera with a CMOS Image Sensor
Sample Image
Sample Image

CCD cameras produce a higher quality picture mainly because the image sensor is used strictly for collecting the image and all of the other necessary processing that it takes to deliver the image to the video output of the camera are handled by other components on the camera board.

With a CMOS camera the image senor is not only used to collect the image but it’s also used to process the image. This means several things. One being that that camera is slower at doing what cameras do “Collect light and convert it to a useable image”. The same chip that is used to collect the light is also used to do the necessary processing that it takes to deliver the image to the video output. This means that the process is slower and the image that is products is of lesser quality.

CMOS cameras do have the advantage when it come to power consumption. Because there are less components in the camera board it draws less power meaning that it will run longer if used on a battery.

CCD cameras on the other hand have more components but produce a much higher quality image and draw more powder.

This is why most cell phones use CMOS because it doesn’t put such a heavy load on the phone battery. Then phones that do actually have CCD camera will give a better picture but the battery won’t last nearly as long.

Anyway, the basic concept is that you will get a much better image from a CCD camera then you will from a CMOS camera. The other difference is that sellers out there can get just about the same price for a camera that has a CMOS image sensor as they can for a CCD camera but the catch is that it cost sellers a lot less (Up to 50%) to buy the CMOS cameras. If you’re a seller that relies on the ignorance of your client base rather then making sure that your delivering a quality product then it’s real money making proposition. We prefer to deliver high quality products ensuring that the customer will be happy with what they get rather then how much we can make on the product.

In the long run if you have clients that don’t come back or don’t tell their friends about where the got the good stuff then your cutting your own throat. Advertising isn’t cheap. If you don’t have happy repeat customers then you advertising dollar is being wasted.

Anyway, I hope this was useful information…

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