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Choosing the right lens:
For every millimeter of lens size,  you obtain roughly four feet of prosecutable quality evidence.  I.E.  A 4mm lens should give you enough detail to identify a face of an individual for evidence at a distance of sixteen feet from the camera.  That's 4 feet times 4mm and that gives you 16 feet. A 12mm lens gives you a highly detailed video image up to 48 feet. That's 4 feet times 12mm and that gives you 48 feet and so on... All sizes of lenses see to infinity.  For example: I can see all the way to the moon (Infinity) on a clear night, but I don't see moon craters (Detail). The most popular lens size by far is the 4mm lens.  Due in large part to a wider field of view.  The smaller the lens size the wider the field of view.  As lens size increases,  field of view decreases. Field of view is the area that the cameras sees from left to right and top to bottom.

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