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 Grand Magic Guard 
Color Quad Processor:


High Quality Color Quad Processor Loaded with features at a price that can't be beat!!

Model: MAG-4000
Regular price 279.00
On sale For $145.00 Limited time.

To visit the manufacturers website for more Information On this products - Click here

Quick summery of features:
High quality real time color quad processing
Full screen auto scanning through the cams
Auto Scan speed is user definable
Picture in picture function
On screen time and Date Stamp
Definable name for each cam to be displayed on screen
Bring any camera to full screen with one touch
Composite video output
S-Video output
VGA video output
On screen set up menu
Compatible with NTSC and PAL systems
Full control over all functions from the included remote control.

This is one incredible little real time high quality color quad processor. This system is loaded with features! Normally you would have to buy several of these features as complete separate systems.
Not with the Grand Quad! 
you get them all in one sleek great looking unit.

You can connect up to four cameras or any four video sources and have them all displayed on the screen at one time in full real time motion and in full color. Each camera fills 1/4 of the screen. There is no jittery image like you find with low quality quads.

simulated image

The auto scan option rotates through the cameras one by one displaying each camera in full screen for the amount of time you define from 1 to 30 seconds. You can define which cameras are included or skiped in the scan rotation. You can even add the quad screen in the rotation like a 5th camera.

simulated image

This system also comes with a unique Picture in picture option not normally found on quad processors. You can bring any camera to full screen then hit the PIP button and a small window will appear in the corner of the main screen. You can then select which camera is displayed in the PIP window. You can even slid the PIP window around on the main screen positioning it where ever you want it. Now that's neat.

simulated image

The on screen Time and Date display function is another feature that's not normally found built into a quad processor. Usually your would have to purchase a separate time and date generator or have a VCR that has on screen date and time options built in. Not with the Grand Quad! it's built right into the unit.

This thing is loaded. Another option that you don't usually get with another real time quad processors is the ability to enter text to be displayed on screen for each camera. That's right, you can name each camera and it will be recorded along with the camera video to your VCR.

This system even has three different type of video output making it compatible with just about any video monitor or VCR. It has the standard RCA type composite video output which is compatible with just about every VCR and most TV's and video monitors. It also has a S-video output often used on high quality TV's and VCR. It even has a VGA video output so you connect it to a computer monitor or over head display unit used in conferences and seminars. This is simply an amazing device!!

Wow, all that, and at a price lower then the most basic models being sold elsewhere. Do your shopping and you will see what I'm talking about. The average price for a color quad processor on the internet is 289.00 and up! Go ahead... Search, then come back and cash in on this incredible system.   

Hook up diagram


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