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 Vehicle Tracking

A very welcome addition to the Basic model. Now it's no longer necessary to physically connect to the tracking module in the vehicle to download the data from the logger / tracker. With the addition of radio hardware & software your vehicle's tracking information is now automatically downloaded through the radio when the vehicle gets within range of the wireless PC interface. Obviously this is a huge convenience over actually having to physically connect to the logger / tracking unit.
Radio Download Tracking System

(Left) Vehicle tracking unit. (Right) GPS Antenna

(Above) Wireless PC Interface

Your purchase includes:
One Data Logger Module (Top left)
One PUK GPS antenna (Top right)
One RF modem wireless interface (Left)
One DB9 to DB9 Data cable (Connects modem to computer)
One Power connector to connect the tracker to vehicle power.
One Software CD with mapping and reports programs.

Complete set
$775.00 - SKU-17300


Additional RF Tracking units, Includes antenna
$575.00 SKU-17301


Additional RF Modem & Software 
$200.00 SKU-17302



One modem can track multiple logger / trackers at on time. So this system is expandable.
Data will automatically download when unit comes within range of the modem unit. (Software must be running)

The tracking systems come in two versions. One is designed for Fleet Management (Non-Covert) and is designed to be connected to the vehicle to get its power. 

The other is the (Covert) version and runs on a separate battery that will power the unit for about 5 days. By default you will get the Fleet Management Version. The Covert version is $45.00 more. For now you will have to call to purchase the covert version. The Fleet version is what we are selling on this web page.

Each Logger / Tracking unit has an ID number that you enter into the software during setup that lets the software differentiate one vehicle from another. 
For: Investigators, Fleet Management Law Enforcement, Rental Vehicles, Infidelity, Teenage Driver Safety.
Radio transmitter for data communication 
Stores over 12,000 Positions In Log 
Completely self contained 
16 channel parallel GPS receiver 
Non-volatile memory saves information even if batteries run out 
Downloads to mapping software (U.S. maps included; specific maps of Canada and Latin America available upon request) 
Display vehicle location, speed, heading, lat/lon and time at remote location 
Covert unit operates on 4 C batteries in external battery pack 
Fleet version operates off the vehicle's 12-volt power 
Small size: 3" x 5" x 1.5" 
Weatherproof package designed to look like car electronics 
Built-in motion detector to conserve batteries 
Adjustable data recording rate - Takes a reading every 10, 20, 30 or 60 seconds 
Data recording rate can be changed remotely via the RF interface software
All components are Magnetic mount for easy installation 

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 Note: Protrak RF Scout tracking function depends GPS visibility in sky. GPS visibility may be blocked between tall buildings, or by land features.


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